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Posted on Dec 16, 2010

Wishing Your Family Priceless Gifts

December 16, 2010

With the holiday season here–and keeping in mind future birthdays–I asked our elementary school students at recent assemblies which gift is more valuable: a bottle of bubbles and wand or a cell phone. They called out their answers and rationales and we reflected together on the word “value.” Does value mean how important something is in our lives? How many functions something can provide? Is it its cost or is there another measure? I shared with them that sometimes the best gifts are those that provide much fun or comfort. Some of the most treasured gifts I have received are those that my sons made at Gillispie. There are the misshapen snowmen candlestick holders that appear to be melting and the tinsel-glitter wreath, which has balded over time. Though the price differential is great, I’d prefer to receive a 1000-piece puzzle that draws my family together rather than an expensive scarf that has to be dry cleaned. So, this holiday season and in 2011, I wish for you many priceless gifts—those that bring your family and friends closer and that provide the moments of merriment that are the foundation of our memories. Alison Fleming Head of School
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