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Posted on Apr 07, 2011

Vow of Silence Participants Speak Volumes

April 7, 2011

Last Friday, Gillispie’s Grade 6 students participated in an international day-long Vow of Silence experience sponsored by Free the Children. Free the Children is a global service organization that builds schools and develops clean water systems; Gillispie has partnered with them for several years running. Each child agreed to not speak for 24 hours and spent a day at school learning and communicating in silence. In addition, the students gathered pledges during the community service project to recognize their efforts and have since raised more than $1,500 to support Free the Children projects. The Vow of Silence program raises awareness “to support children who are silenced by the denial of their basic rights.” Reflections by our students included: “It was easy for me to be silent because I knew that it was going to be over, but for real kids that really can’t speak up–if you really think about it–it’s very sad.” “We will be helping many children out of labor.” One student learned a larger lesson about getting along with others: “It’s amazing how much of a difference you can make. It showed me how to stop and think. Sometimes, when you talk, you can just say things and it can be hurtful to others. When you write, you can think about things.” Alison Fleming Head of School    
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