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Posted on Feb 12, 2015

Visit by Georgia Heard

We are very proud and excited to announce that Georgia Heard will be joining the Gillispie team for two very busy, productive days. Georgia is a nationally and internationally known leader in the field of teaching writing.
Georgia will be on our campus all day on February 11 and 12. Day 1 will be an on-site training for our elementary teachers, using various classrooms as a lab, to demonstrate how children can find their writing voices. Her focus at this time will be the genre of poetry.
Day 2 will be an all-day workshop for all of our teachers. During this time we will be discussing reading and writing poetry as she lays the groundwork for developing writing fluency in all genres and helping increase students’ reading comprehension.
We are all looking forward to embracing this opportunity and feeling very thankful for the Gillispie Endowment for Excellence in Teaching that has allowed us to have these two days of extraordinary training.
Thank you,

Karen Basil

Reading Specialis