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Posted on May 19, 2011

Using Time to Our Best Advantage

May 19, 2011

As you know, there will be improvements in our use of time at Gillispie next year. A few of these changes are the potential use of a 6-day schedule (days A-F scheduled across cycles of M-F weeks), which would decrease transition times and increase time for core academic subjects; a shortening of the February break to maintain students' learning momentum built up since the holiday break; and, finally, more targeted faculty meeting time to allow for improved grade-level, near-grade, division, and whole-faculty conversations. But in the event that I am taking myself too seriously, or considering time too technically, I'm reminded by a Grade 1 student that I should listen to all of my stakeholders, including him. He was given the writing prompt, "What is a change the principal could make to improve the school?" And here is what he wrote to me: Dear Miss Fleming, I would like to change the school schedule and make it: recess, Art, recess, Art, recess, Art and then some snack please. Then I will be happy and it will be fun. Thank you. Sincerely, K. If only scheduling each day was that simple! Alison Fleming Head of School

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