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Posted on Nov 17, 2011

Thanksgiving: An Early Elementary School Perspective

November 17, 2011

To my delight, Gillispie children at a recent K-2 assembly shared the following details about why they’re thankful. I grouped some of their thoughts into categories and included some connecting language, but preserved their choice of words, which is uniquely theirs.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Alison Fleming
Head of School


I’m thankful for my family and that we take care of one another—I love my sisters and brothers, my parents and grandparents

I’m grateful for moms and dads because without them, we couldn’t survive

I love my pets and animals (cats, dogs, fish, frogs, elephants, bunnies, and piggies)

I’m glad I have a home, food, shoes, a cozy bed
. . . and for the sun, the ocean, nature, for life on Earth and in the universe

I’m grateful for present giving and holidays

I’m thankful for school (reading, P.E., recess, science, and art to name a few); for my teachers and friends

I appreciate my dad’s company; that he’s on TV; and he’s winning trials

I embrace Legos, ear piercings, video games, I-pads, electricity, cars, the La Jolla Rec Center, Hawaii, and Mount Everest

I love sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, dodge ball, gymnastics, and football)
. . . singing, music, dancing, fun, swings, and slides

I’m thankful I have good health (including strong bones and a heart); that I’m myself; and for being alive

I’m thankful for God, love, life, peace on earth, and the whole wide world.

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