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Señora Nieves Ruiz

Spanish Specialty Teacher
Extension 122
Watch Spanish in motion

Throughout the elementary years at Gillispie, Spanish is taught and reinforced with activities like singing, playing games, making flashcards, and practicing dialogue. Exposure to the art, music, food, and histories of notable Spanish-speaking countries around the world is also part of the curriculum. The Spanish curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 3 is designed to introduce children to a wide variety of vocabulary words and simple sentences. Students learn the Spanish alphabet and numbers, friendly greetings, and frequently used words.

Being exposed to a foreign language at a young age gives children a distinct opportunity not only to become excited about words and their sounds, but to acquire a skill that prepares them to appreciate the cultures of the world.

In Grades 4-6, the curriculum extends the skills and knowledge the children have acquired in the primary grades. Lessons include sentence structure and grammar, and correct pronunciation skills receive greater emphasis. Beginning in Grade 4, a minimal amount of homework is assigned, and letter grades will appear on progress reports. These grades will be based on scores earned on homework, quizzes, and occasional projects.

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