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Posted on Oct 19, 2012

Seasonal Classroom Open Houses Follow the Reggio Emilia Way

October 18, 2012

Following year-end discussions last June, early childhood teachers and administration will experiment this year with autumn and winter classroom open houses rather than holiday parties. These events will be more in keeping with a Reggio-inspired philosophy of encouraging children to design their learning environments and focusing on family togetherness during holiday times.

After the Halloween morning parade held at 9:15 a.m., early childhood parents and students will have a healthy snack and then go into the classrooms to learn from the children about their recent explorations. In all classrooms, EC parents will view documented “work” that the children have been pursuing. As initiated and created by the students, parents will find that classrooms feature Halloween and/or autumn-inspired art.

For example, Room 3 students have created beautiful pumpkin drawings celebrating fall harvest, while prekindergartners in Room 5 have dictated spooky stories to their teachers and constructed spider webs and bats. Room 4 students were visited last week by a parent volunteer who taught Halloween songs and shared poems. And Room 6 is completing the math exercise of tallying all the likes and dislikes as voted by children during this week’s “pumpkin foods (pudding, soup, bread, etc.) taste test.” In very real ways, students are steering their own courses in learning about the season.

The EC open house format will be used again on December 21 when families and friends will be invited into the early childhood classrooms after the winter holiday program.

Alison Fleming
Head of School

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