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Welcome to Preschool

Our preschool program is a based on social-constructivist beliefs that play-based socialization supports children in constructing their own knowledge. We view the child as the protagonist of their own learning, and through projects teachers support children’s curiosities, questions, and theories. This focus on children’s unique ideas empowers them on their life-long journey to become self-motivated problem solvers.

We believe the environment a child works in is crucial to the learning that takes place. Our nurturing and developmentally appropriate classrooms are designed for children to explore independently, and collaboratively, with teachers and peers. A wide variety of materials are intentionally placed to inspire investigation and creativity. Our indoor and outdoor environments reflect a strong belief in the importance of valuing the voice of the child and support opportunities to work together with others, develop and challenge theories, and problem solve.

“We believe the environment a child works in is crucial to the learning that takes place.”

For many young children this is their first group care experience and we partner with families to bridge home to school. Trust is an essential component to the separation process, and we offer many opportunities to bring children, families, and teachers together. Throughout the day children have long blocks of time for discovery and investigation, as well as providing time for weekly specialties such as music, P.E., and library.

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