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Posted on Sep 20, 2013

Pirtle Field Transforms Gillispie’s Program



Pirtle Field is already having a transformative effect on Gillispie students. All Grades K-6 students have access to the field before or after school each day. For example, on A days K-2 children enjoy the field before school and 3-6 students play on it after school; this schedule reverses on B days, and so on.

During the day, the Field is devoted first to our P.E. program, which serves the entire student body, toddler through Grade 6. Gillispie’s enriched education ensures that while elementary students benefit from 3 days of P.E. per six-day cycle, even a preschool student on a T/Th schedule gets weekly time with Mr. Whelan and Ms. Kibblewhite to learn how to make an overarm through, to kick a ball, or to dance in time to music.

When P.E. is not scheduled during a mid-day elementary lunch recess, the gym or the Field will be staffed for play. For example, one day the gym may be open for Grade 2 during the Grades 2-3 lunch recess; on another day, Grades 2-3 girls will have access to the field during that time; on another day, Grade 3 boys may enjoy exclusive use for a game. Sometimes students prefer the gym to the field for a game they’d like to play (e.g., street hockey). And because the Field was designed with foresight, a half-field net “curtain” can sometimes be used to divide the Field in two and allow for simultaneous P.E. and recess.

The School is grateful to every family that donated resources to make the Field possible (including time, talent, and many students who gave money from their own piggy banks!). Come watch us play!

Steve Bunyak
Assistant Head of School

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