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Mrs. Jacobs

Music Teacher
Extension 128
The Gillispie School music program provides the opportunity for every child to explore the world of music through singing, playing instruments, creating music, listening to music, and moving to music.

These activities are designed to help each child develop musical skills, as well as know and appreciate many different types of music.

Music activities in the first five years are a natural means of fostering a wide variety of developmental skills. Group music time allows children to experience the joy of sharing music and making music together.

“Grade 3 students take part in a study of violin…”

In Kindergarten through Sixth Grade, opportunities are provided for each child to respond to and use the elements of music, to perform and create music, and to understand both their own historical and cultural musical heritage and that of others within their communities and beyond. Grade 3 students take part in a study of violin, while enrichment opportunities exist for Grades 4-6 before and after school in both choir and string ensemble.

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