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Posted on Feb 13, 2014

Mr. Bunyak Grateful for 8 Years at Gillispie



After 13 years in education and 8 years at Gillispie, I have decided to change careers. Beginning this July, I will become the practice administrator for my wife’s regenerative medicine practice in Encinitas. The practice will be 6 years old in March and, with dramatic changes underway in healthcare, the time is right for me to jump in with both feet to help out!

I’m truly grateful for my time at Gillispie. Our School’s teachers and staff will tell you that it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be deeply involved, day-to-day, with the social and intellectual development of young children–I will miss such direct access to this rare and special window on life.

I’m thankful for the trust placed in me by Ms. Fleming, and for the hours of support work completed on my behalf by staff and faculty alike–progress at Gillispie is a team sport.

Because there’s no school in the San Diego region at which I’d rather work, I’ll be appreciating each day between now and late June. I wish you and your children health and fulfillment in your life-long educational adventures!


Steve Bunyak
Assistant Head of School

The Gillispie School community and I are grateful for the outstanding work of Steve Bunyak. Under his accomplished direction and through his vision, the School has realized:
–the adoption of a six-day schedule to enable longer blocks of learning time for core academic subjects,
–the increasingly sophisticated use of formative, online assessments for K-6 learning,
–improvements in emergency preparedness, and
–the establishment of Gillispie Values to provide a context for prosocial education conversations with children and their families.

After reviewing more than 40 resumes, leading to 8 first-round phone or in-person interviews, four candidates for assistant head of school are scheduled to visit the Gillispie campus to meet with staff, administrators, teachers, and students. I will keep you informed as the search progresses. 

Alison Fleming
Head of School

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