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Posted on Dec 16, 2015

Let There Be Peace On Earth

In separate conversations with colleagues and parents regarding recent events abroad and close to home, individuals have found it difficult to process the suffering of others and their own feelings of vulnerability. With the prospect of traveling with young children to the Midwest for the holidays, one parent noted, “The tension that comes along with a long plane ride and dividing time between our two families seems trivial with so much hurt by others.” So true. The following lyrics, as performed last Saturday by 30 of our elementary children at the UTC’s Westfield Plaza, resonated with the audience. They sang Kevin Ross’ “This Is My Wish,” and the words, coming from young voices, brought us up short: This is my wish That peace will find its way to every boy and girl Fill the air with joyful noise Ring the bells and raise your voice Let there be peace on earth Let there be peace on earth I reflect upon the toddler’s sincere declaration “You poked my heart!” and his classmate who eventually stepped in. In dealing with hurts or slights, whether imagined or real, and whether delivered purposefully or unintentionally, it is our ability to respond with kindness, equanimity, and understanding (though maybe not total agreement) that helps us make sense of the world and speaks to our humanity. As our tempers or frustrations may flare, “Let there be peace on earth,” in our hearts and homes. Alison Fleming Head of School
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