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Posted on Mar 13, 2014

LEGOLAND Annual Expo!


You’ve all heard of LEGO bricks, and probably even LEGO Land. Some of you may not realize, however, that LEGO also has a robotics league! This year, in addition to two FLL (First LEGO League) teams for children 9 to 14 years of age, Gillispie also fielded a Jr.FLL team for 6 to 9 year olds. “The Five Fire Boys” brought the right stuff to LEGOLAND this past Saturday for their annual Expo. At the Expo, a non-competitive event, Jr.FLL teams from all around San Diego and beyond showed off their entries in this year’s challenge, Disaster Blaster, which asked teams to research a specific natural disaster, identify a problem related to it, and come up with an engineering-based solution to that problem. At the Expo, teams showed their process and ideas with display boards, LEGO models, and live presentations.

The Five Fire Boys, whose focus was fires, learned, through an interview/field trip to Nautilus Street’s Fire Station 13, that one problem area was getting heavy medical equipment upstairs to people in need during an emergency. The team came up with a heavy-duty wagon with tank treads that replaced all the boxes, cases, and bags currently used to transport everything from life-saving drugs to heart defibrillators. The “Cara-Medic” also serves as a stretcher.

At the Expo, reviewers were impressed by our team’s cooperative style, and composure in the face of adversity (when their LEGO model of the Cara-Medic was taken apart by a visiting child, they worked as a team to put it back together), as well as their simple, clean design sensibility.

Coached by science teacher Chip Edwards and team mentor Lucie from Grade 5, the Five Fire Boys, walked away with certificates, satisfaction, and memories from their adventures at LEGOLAND!

Alison Fleming
Head of School

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