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Posted on Oct 18, 2013

International Soccer Tournament is a Kick!


Last Wednesday, Gillispie’s third annual Spanish/P.E. Soccer Tournament took place on Pirtle Field! Interdisciplinary endeavors such as this benefit both adults and children by allowing collaboration between colleagues, and permitting students to put into practice what they have learned across disciplines. In this case, fourth graders have been exploring South America, their continent of study, with Señora Radchik as well as developing their soccer skills with Mr. Whelan & Ms. Kibblewhite.

Fourth graders studied the names and locations of countries in South America and then chose one of the Spanish speaking countries to represent as a team. The country teams of Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina each made their national flag, created a chant, and learned numerous Spanish terms related to soccer. Two semifinals and a short final match were played, with field cues spoken almost entirely in Spanish. The children took pride in representing their countries and played with great spirit and enthusiasm while improving both their Spanish and soccer skills.

¡Viva el Fútbol!

Alison Fleming
Head of School

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