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Posted on Mar 18, 2013

International Day Thanks


Where else can you: see ancient Roman warriors combat; etch characters on a replica wall of Angkor Wat, Cambodia; sample sea slugs (a staple in Tonga); view exquisite clothing and tapestries made by the Huipiles of Guatemala; discover that the Trojan Horse first made its appearance in Turkey; smell and feel spices used in Indian cooking; meet two handsome alpacas typical of Peru; participate in a scavenger hunt to identify art from across the globe and millenia; migrate with monarch butterflies to Michoacán, Mexico; learn to play didgeridoo made from PVC pipes; and hear cool details about an ice hotel located in Sweden? Well, this is some of what students experienced at The Gillispie School’s International Day.

A couple of fun quotes from the day:

Upon seeing the alpacas, one student said to another, “Look llamas!” to which the other replied, “Those aren’t llamas. Those are South American bears.”

While watching a video where a spider was about to eat a monarch butterfly, one second grader exclaimed, “That’s gross!” to which another student responded, “That’s life!”

From a grandparent volunteer, “I had a wonderful time working in “Italia.” The moms and dads in that room were really exceptional!  We all had so much fun! And it was a special day for me to be with and talk to so many Gillispie children. They were all excited and ready to learn and participate in each country’s offerings.”

It takes a village to create such a spectacular day, and we give a round of applause to our parents who created the magic:

International Art Exhibit: Mrs. Walters
Australia: Kelly K., Jennifer Mc-I., Annie C., Linda K., Christina F., Julie F.
Cambodia: Bill and Rochelle B., Haeyoung T., Jill S., Rebecca S., Kate S.
Guatemala: Cheryl R., Amanda L., Misti C.
India: Uli H., Gabriele O., Romy A., Mamta B., Karen S.
Italy: Amy and Marcelo M., Briana and Chris L., Valerie F., Judy O.
Mexico: Claudia and Marc W.
Peru: Julie G., Sara C., Jordana M. 
Sweden: Linda and Michael J.
Tonga: Ted W.
Turkey: Leili H., Susan B. C. , Nazanin B., Kiril M., Nika S., Carola R., Kathryn Mc-O., Ayse B.-S., Dawn I.

Patsy M.

EC Face Painters:
Monica B., Kendra D., Ozbaldo G.

Dana N.

Special kudos go to Jessica Epperson, who for ten consecutive years has led our International Day, a day, I might add, that a kindergartener new to Gillispie proclaimed was, “The best day of his life!”

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