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Posted on Apr 15, 2013

How Gillispie Says “Technology” in Spanish


Gillispie School students benefit from access to a variety of technologies to support their study of Spanish. Students use computers to explore and discover by virtually “visiting” Spanish-speaking countries–they have learned about different cultures from Spain to Chile. With technology, students can create movies, write books, or gain insights from educational videos–all high engagement learning strategies. For example, this year Grade 5 students are using iPads and various apps to record, create, and listen to dialogues. This is a very effective way to practice speaking a foreign language!

Children in Grades 4-6 can visit Gillispie’s Spanish program website where they can access their homework assignments. Material learned during each lesson is readily available on the site to allow students to practice their Spanish at home. Games are available to review and master vocabulary and grammar.

The use of technology creates endless possibilities for fun and provides students with hands-on learning experiences. Whether it’s practicing vocabulary with games on Quizlet, or creating presentations to share with the class, students are motivated and excited each day to learn something new.

Wherever technology takes us next, we can count on our students and teachers to use it to learn Spanish in ways history has never imagined!

Carol Radchik
Spanish Teacher, K-Grade 6

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