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Posted on Nov 02, 2012

Halloween Festivities: What a Day!

November 1, 2012

Yesterday our school had its annual Halloween Carnival for Grades 3-6. We, as student council members, are the chief organizers in putting together an event that is fun for everyone.

How we organize this special event is to first meet as a council and offer suggestions about which booths to do and then vote on the ones that would be interesting and could actually work on our campus. For example, Dippin’ Dots might be delicious but better on a different spirit day that doesn’t already have so many treats provided.

In terms of most popular events with students, the Haunted Hallway, Sponge Throw at teachers and staff, and the Bake Sale were the most visited. We especially thank Mr. Bunyak, Mrs. Davis, Ms. Fleming, Mrs. Hurley, and Mr. Whelan for being good targets in the sponge throw! We also thank Mr. Edwards for face painting and, of course, Mrs. Long as the Student Council Advisor.

We raised lots of money through selling tickets and will donate it to foundations. Last year, the money raised went to Make-a-Wish Foundation and Free the Children. We will decide over the next couple of months, which organizations we will donate to for this year.

We hope everyone had a good time and look forward to planning the next fun event!

Leah Parsons                                                                            

Executive Council Member

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