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Welcome to Fifth Grade

san diego fifth grade

Mr. Inigo

Extension 110
Room 15
Welcome Back to School Letter 2014-2015

Mrs. Long

Extension 111
Room 16
About Grade 5: Students experience significant cognitive, social, and emotional growth in Grade 5. This is a key year for exploring student independence and learning in a variety of novel ways. Classrooms are designed to facilitate group collaboration, partner activities, and individual efforts. Teachers promote authentic and engaged reading and writing with extensive classroom libraries, shared novels, and meaningful conversations about craft. In math, we focus on computational fluency with deep understanding as the basis of all problem solving. Students immerse themselves in early United States history through interactive classroom experiences, research projects, and an overnight field trip aboard The Californian in the San Diego harbor. Grade 5 students also benefit from a 1:1 iPad program and a class set of laptops, which support and enrich student learning.

Key programs and texts: Daily Grammar Practice; Spelling Connections; Wordly Wise 3000; Class novels and Reader’s Workshop; Learning Headquarters Writing; Math in Focus (Singapore Math); United States History: Early Years; Continent of geographic study — North America; Gillispie social curriculum

Gillispie learners are working to make connections between subjects each and every day. Teachers design interdisciplinary projects that engage students in a wide variety of relevant content and build essential skills. Every six days our Grade 5 students will learn and explore a wide variety of topics in; Math; Reading; Writing; Science and sustainability; Social studies; PE; Spanish; Art; Music; Technology; and Library.

Grade 5
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