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Welcome to Fourth Grade

san diego fourth grade

Mrs. Haas

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About Grade 4: Grade 4 students tend to be more responsible, independent workers, but thrive in group interactions. To take advantage of that and to account for a range of intellectual development, differentiated instruction is delivered in a variety of small group, whole group, and individual activities. The weekly News Team and in-class presentations provide the students opportunities to develop the skill of clear communication and active listening. The literature-based reading program focuses on reading to learn. Novels cover a variety of themes and issues, allowing opportunities for in-depth discussions, and often tie into our study of California history. Using the Learning Headquarters curriculum, children write in multiple genres and receive feedback to strengthen and support the writing process.

Vocabulary and spelling instruction is developed through the study of words, spelling patterns, and words in context. In math, equal emphasis is placed on conceptual understanding and fluency with skills. Through the use of concrete-pictorial-abstract representations, students strengthen their problem solving and mental math skills. A yearlong study of California history is enhanced when the children attend their first overnight field trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano and the Lazy W Ranch. This hands-on field trip allows students to explore several cultures that have played a role in the development of California.

“Using the Learning Headquarters curriculum, children write in multiple genres and receive feedback to strengthen and support the writing process.”

As effective members of the community, the students in Grade 4 participate in two service learning projects. They volunteer at the San Diego Food Bank and learn about the Project Wildlife Organization.

Key program and texts: Daily Grammar Practice; Language Arts Today by McGraw-Hill; SRA Spelling; Wordly Wise 3000; Singapore Math (Math in Focus); California Studies by Houghton Mifflin; literature and novel studies; Continent of geographic study-South America

Gillispie learners are working to make connections between subjects each and every day. Teachers design interdisciplinary projects that engage students in a wide variety of relevant content and build essential skills. Every six days our Grade 4 students will learn and explore a wide variety of topics in; Math; Reading; Writing; Science and sustainability; Social studies; PE; Spanish; Art; Music; Technology; and Library.

Grade 4
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