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Welcome to Third Grade

san diego third grade

Mr. Belsha

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About Grade 3: Children in Grade 3 often begin the year with a sense that they can accomplish anything, and teachers provide an appropriately challenging environment to meet that attitude. Open to new experiences, third graders take pleasure in mastering new skills across the curriculum. More complex math concepts include larger numbers and challenge students to build upon the skills learned in previous grades. Children learn what it takes to be great readers and become adept at the strategies necessary for synthesizing and analyzing both fiction and non fiction texts.  Varied writing assignments embrace the children’s increasing ability to revise and improve their work.

The focus on our local environment expands to include all of San Diego County, past and present. The diverse continent of Asia is explored and celebrated. Third grade students have their own laptop computers for classroom use.  Emphasis is placed on proper keyboarding, research skills, usage, and maintenance.

Interesting field trips provide real-life learning experiences that coincide with multiple areas of the curriculum.  Students have the opportunity to participate in exciting third grade events, including the Family Read Aloud Celebration, the Harvest Feast Readers’ Theater, and the Authors’ Tea. They also participate in the Science Fair and are invited to join Gillispie’s Spirit Team.  School-wide focus on the Gillispie Values, attitude, effort, respect, and integrity, empower students to make good choices at school, at home, and in the community.  In support of our local community, children proudly participate in an important service learning project, the Third Grade Bake Sale and Blood Drive.

“Open to new experiences, third graders take pleasure in mastering new skills across the curriculum.”


Key programs and texts:  Math in Focus (Singapore Math); ST Math; Junior Great Books; Novel Studies; A-Z Reading; Learning Headquarters Writing; Zaner-Bloser Spelling Connections; Zaner-Bloser G.U.M. Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics; Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop; Social Studies: Harcourt Reflections; Handwriting Without Tears

Gillispie learners are working to make connections between subjects each and every day.  Teachers design interdisciplinary projects that engage students in a wide variety of relevant content and build essential skills.  Every six days our Grade 3 students will learn and explore a wide variety of topics in; Math; Reading; Writing; Science and sustainability; Social studies; PE; Spanish; Art; Music; Technology; and Library.

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