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Welcome to Second Grade

san diego second grade

Ms. Smith

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About Grade 2: Gillispie’s Grade 2 teachers take advantage of their students’ newfound internal motivation. Children at this level take their work seriously and are therefore given the opportunity to work more independently. The Singapore approach to math focuses on building problem-solving skills and strategies, as well as a deeper level of numeracy. Writing occurs throughout the curriculum, but is focused primarily in three genres: narrative, argument/opinion, and informative/explanatory, and works towards the creation of multi-paragraph compositions.

The Voices program enriches literacy and writing instruction, and facilitates students’ personal connections to literature with a series of mentor texts designed to promote self-esteem and confidence. Differentiated spelling instruction helps students to connect spelling words to thinking, phonics, reading, and writing. As more globally-aware second graders, students engage in studies of cultural traditions, character education, communities/regions, citizenship, geography, government, notable Americans, and basic economic principles. These studies are highlighted by two long-term research projects: a “European backpacking adventure” that develops a geographic and cultural awareness of the region, and a Biography Fair, in which students independently research a notable American to explore how individual action and character can develop into agents of change that make a difference in the lives of others.

Key programs and texts: Math In Focus (Singapore math); ST Math; Learning Headquarters Writing; Junior Great Books; Zaner-Bloser Spelling Connections; Zaner-Bloser G.U.M. Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics; Studies Weekly; Voices Literature & Writing; Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Library

Gillispie learners are working to make connections between subjects each and every day.  Teachers design interdisciplinary projects that engage students in a wide variety of relevant content and build essential skills.  Every six days our Grade 2 students will learn and explore a wide variety of topics in; Math; Reading; Writing; Science and sustainability; Social studies; PE; Spanish; Art; Music; Technology; and Library.

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