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Posted on Feb 14, 2013

Grade 6 Students Have a (Snow)Ball at Astrocamp

February 14, 2013

Editor’s Note: Last week, Gillispie School sixth graders attended a 3-day, 2-night science/space camp in Idyllwild accompanied by lead teacher Mrs. Chaney and science teacher Mr. Edwards. Students experienced a variety of teambuilding exercises and science experiments, including an exciting opportunity to observe the sun’s texture through a special day-use telescope. Thanks to student Douglas A. for sharing his experience with us.


When my class and I first got to Astrocamp, we were all very excited. We had just heard that it was going to snow–a lot–and we really hoped for it. When we moved into our rooms, they were a lot better than expected. Luke and Joey were with me in a room.

After settling in, we met our leader, Rebecca. After lunch, my class and I played teambuilding games in the meadow–we tried to walk from one side to the other on a really wobbly balance beam. Only some of the girls could do it.

Next, we crawled through a maze. The maze was built in a little cabin and was supposed to be pitch black–it was. Going through the maze was extremely fun because there were lots of levels so you could go higher or lower in the maze. Also, there were some seesaws, ramps, and tubes to slide through.

After that, everyone in the camp had dinner. Each night, they gave us a joke about space to say to our table. The other highlights were looking at constellations at night and zip-lining.

Overnight, just before we had to go home, it snowed! My class and I had an extremely fun snowball fight. In conclusion, Astrocamp was one of the most fun camps I have visited!

Douglas A.
Grade 6

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