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Posted on Mar 17, 2011

Gillispie Voices Soar at America Sings! Festival

March 17, 2011

Last Saturday, fourteen energetic choir members, five tireless parent volunteers, and our fearless music director (Linda Jacobs) and I traveled to Long Beach for the regional America Sings! festival. America Sings! is a non-profit charitable organization that combines a non-competitive, outdoor choral group festival with community service. This particular event drew seventeen elementary, middle, and high schools from California and Arizona. As the performance time neared, excitement mounted, as did nervousness about the size of the stage (just smaller than the Gillispie gym!). Though our choir members filled only a portion of the risers, their sound was mighty as they delivered well-rehearsed choreography, smiles, and energy—our group's rising voices provided a proud moment for Gillispie. There are many such proud moments at Gillispie—witnessing 31 first through sixth graders perform in Mary Poppins; listening to students portray famous individuals during wax museum presentations; and visiting with emerging scientists during the Science Fair to hear them compare their hypotheses with their findings. In all instances, the children are learning communication skills and the importance of hard work; implicitly, I hear them all saying, “I have something to say and it’s worth hearing.”

Alison Fleming Head of School

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