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Posted on Sep 14, 2012

Gillispie Values Encourage Students to Be Their Best Selves

September 13, 2012

Gillispie faculty and staff are excited this year to be taking the next step in the evolution of the School’s social curriculum. In addition to continuing the implementation of the Second Step conflict resolution program and (by grade level) other developmentally appropriate practices, the School is embracing and exploring a new set of whole-school values.

The Gillispie Values are being posted around campus and already are being referenced during teachable moments–in the classroom and on the playground. They read:

Each day is a new day and I am here to learn.

I show Gillispie Values through my:

: Having a positive attitude and being kind

Effort: Doing my best with an open mindset

Respect: Respecting myself, others, and the environment

: Being honest and taking responsibility

These four values provide one framework for character education at Gillispie, and parents are encouraged to refer to the language of the Values when debriefing with their children about relevant school events (click here for a printable version).

To support Gillispie’s implementation of whole-school values language, I look forward to attending the two-day National Forum on Character Education this November (sponsored by the nonpartisan Character Education Partnership).

And watch this space for ongoing references to Gillispie’s social curriculum and an invitation for parents to gather to discuss how our entire learning community can work together to create a home/school co-environment that will inspire and guide our students toward being their best moral selves.

Steve Bunyak
Assistant Head of School & Dean of Students

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