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Posted on Oct 14, 2011

Gillispie Integrates Technology and Curriculum: There’s an App for That

October 13, 2011

Take a look around you . . . chances are you’ll see a mobile device. iPads and iPod Touches, loaded with educational and productivity applications, provide us all with learning opportunities. Mobile learning can happen anywhere: in a classroom at The Gillispie School, at the dining room table, in the library, in front of a science exhibit, or even at the beach.

With such a variety of tools and resources always available, mobile learning provides increased options for personalization. Learning with the iPads at Gillispie often has students working interdependently, in groups, or individually to solve problems, to work on projects, to meet individual needs, and to allow for student voice and choice. The iTunes store has over 500,000 available apps, so how do we decide which apps to use?

Word of mouth among educators, information gathered at conferences, ratings in research publications, and a rubric are some of the ways. We also depend on the spirit of collaboration so prevalent throughout the Gillispie School community. Here are some of the apps we use at Gillispie.

Have you found educational applications you are purposefully using at home with your children? If so, we would love to hear about them; please send us your app recommendations.

Laura Moore
Instructional Technology Teacher

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