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Posted on Nov 16, 2010

Gillispie “Gems” of the Week

September 23, 2010

Preschool Room 2 students recently completed dramatic black and white collages using recycled materials from around campus. In addition to honing fine motor skills, the children considered color, shape, texture, relative size, and composition. And the green message about re-use and sustainability is as clear as black and white.

Grade 4 students Jacob, William, and Caroline cooperate to move a marble down a make-shift PVC marble chute during a P.E. teambuilding activity.

During last week's assemblies, Mrs. A., mother of Tana in Grade 5, danced a traditional Mexican dance to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of Mexico's independence. Spanish teacher Sra. Radchik was on hand for the Grades K-6 assemblies to show a video clip of the President of Mexico ringing the bell and waving the flag to mark the occasion.

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