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Posted on Jan 28, 2011

Gillispie “Gems” of the Week

January 27, 2011

No Climbing Structure Required

Every other Wednesday, Room 4 takes a neighborhood walk; last week we decided to get down and dirty. As the children ran up the dirt path located on the corner of Nautilus and Fay, their eyes feasted on a large, open area filled with mounds of dirt, holes, cacti, and budding flowers. Though foggy, children noticed the view to the ocean. The only thing we brought with us was snack, water, and a rope. No play equipment was needed as the children enjoyed jumping and running, and using the rope to pull each other down a small mound. As we got ready to leave, children gave one last look at the area, asking if we could come back again soon. Noted one child, "That was the best park I've ever been to!" Mr. Royer and Ms. Starzyk Room 4 Prekindergarten Teachers

Recently, Grade 6 social studies has been all about bringing to life the history of Mesopotamia. Acting as historians, set designers, and directors, the students worked in groups to invent rough sketches and write their own scripts for interactive museum dioramas that would come to life. When Ms. Stralla "pushed the exhibit button," the student statues began to move and share facts about the four ancient empires. In the photo above, Claire E. and William G. play the roles of early Assyrians. Ms. Stralla Grade 6 Teacher

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