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Posted on Dec 15, 2011

Gillispie “Gems” of the Week

Sixth graders recently worked with partners to create an ancient scroll highlighting Hebrew leaders as they reviewed the major religions of ancient Egypt (all part of their History Alive! social studies curriculum).

The rubric for the project included (among other requirements) the following challenges: 
–Include a visual that illustrates an important action taken by an individual (e.g., Moses parting the Red Sea) 
–Include a paragraph of original writing that explains how the figures contributed to the development of Judaism.


And this from our Room 6 prekindergarten teachers Mrs. Epperson and Mrs. Goedman: “Math is everywhere! During snack today the prekindergarten students noticed that the girls were at one table and the boys were at another table. This led to them counting the number of girls and boys and noting that we had more boys today than girls! Then they began to compare the snack trays at each table with comments such as, ‘The girls have more cheddar bunnies than the boys’ and ‘We have a little bit of strawberries but the boys have a lot’ and ‘There is only one gingerbread cookie for each of us.’ Four and five year old mathematical minds are a wonderful thing!”

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