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Posted on Mar 29, 2013

Gillispie “Gem” of the Week



Teacher Mr. Inigo and several fifth grade boys prepare to leave Gillispie for the annual Grade 5 overnight trip: “Prelude to the American Revolution.” Students, teachers, and even a few parent chaperones will spend tonight on the HMS Surprise re-living the “the turbulent year of 1774, experiencing the struggle of merchant mariners sailing the triangle trade route between New England and the Caribbean. Embarking on a voyage of the imagination, students will role-play with maritime instructors, raising sails, loading cargo, and protecting the vessel from pirates. Navigating their way through the political storms of the era, students will face frustrations that inspired American colonists to revolt. Ultimately, they will choose their own destiny and find out what role they will play in the war for America’s freedom.”

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