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Posted on Feb 08, 2013

Gillispie “Gem” of the Week

Today parent Paulina L. visited Connie Engelhardt’s Grade 1 classroom to teach students to write their name in Chinese calligraphy to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Here, Mrs. L. watches her daughter Chloe form letters.


Yesterday’s annual blood drive for the San Diego Blood Bank was a huge success:

–We collected 37 pints of blood,
–The bake sale raised $2,638.18 for the Blood Bank based on the generous food donations by all third-grade families, Come on In, The French Gourmet, Michele Coulon, and Pizza Pronto, and
–Nathan L. won the cake raffle.

A special thank you to the Grade 3 teachers for organizing the event, and to all the parents, faculty, and staff who made the day possible.

Below, Grade 5 teacher Mrs. Long relaxes in the post-donation rest area with Preschool Room 3 teacher Ms. Thompson. Also, Grade 3 boys Chase M., Orion B., and Ethan K. do their part to advertise the bake sale to the community.



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