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Posted on Jan 18, 2013

Gillispie “Gem” of the Week

Yesterday during a Learning Headquarters lesson in Mrs. Shemanski’s Grade 1 classroom, students worked from a graphic organizer (that they had created during a group brainstorming) to write about why popcorn is a “tasty treat.” The children had developed 5 areas of keywords to choose from–descriptive nouns and adjectives about eating popcorn that related to the five senses: “popcorn is crunchy,” “it is sweet,” “it feels weird.”

After writing down their central idea, they selected one sensory area and its related keywords to write the first of three points they’re going to make in their short essays. This kind of structured development of written work gives children the confidence to free write on their own.

Not surprisingly, then, when students finished their essays and had the chance to choose an activity off the Choice Board, many students (including Tyler B. and Kinsey C. below) raced to get out their personal journals for creative free-writing.

013 choice 013 writers

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