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Posted on Apr 20, 2012

Gillispie “Gem” of the Week

Coincidentally, both of this week’s “Gems” feature Gillispie’s healthy snack program. Dig in . . .

Apples, tangerines, blood oranges, cucumbers, and navel oranges make for a colorful healthy snack offering Tuesday morning. Thanks to the many parent volunteers who arrive each morning to cut up the bounty for distribution to classrooms.

“While passing out snack, third grade teachers repeatedly were faced with groans of disapproval regarding the day’s cheese selection.  Everyone wanted the string cheese and nobody wanted the white square cheese. Determined to convince the children of the deliciousness of each cheese, teachers conducted blind taste tests. The majority of the students predicted that the mozzarella string cheese would be most favored, and the monterey jack would be least liked. To their teachers’ delight, the winning cheese was the monterey jack, followed by the cheddar and, lastly, the string cheese! Students organized the data on line plots and created pie charts and bar graphs on their computers to illustrate the results.  Since the experiment, there has been no more cheese grappling among the students!”

Mrs. Hurley and Mrs. Davis
Grade 3 Teachers

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