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Posted on Nov 17, 2011

Gillispie “Gem” of the Week


Mr. Wagner, one of Gillispie’s long-time facilities managers, was recently tidying campus with an ultra-quiet leaf blower (powered with a rechargable battery). Some students, including Erika P., showed great interest and enjoyed getting a chance to gather fall leaves with green technology.


Elsewhere on campus, Mrs. Shemanski’s Grade 1 students gathered leaves for the school compost pile to provide a carbon influx toward balancing the nitrogen from composted fruits and veggies.


Preschool Room 3 students Blaze C., Beth C., and Zachary Z. enjoy pinching, pulling, and rolling dough into lines and curves to form letters. This multi-sensory activity not only encourages letter recognition but also prepares the children for writing by strengthening their hand muscles and improving finger dexterity.


Brin J. shows her enthusiasm for a correct answer on her first ST Math module while Nicholas A. navigates through a question of his own. As part of Gillispie’s 1-1 laptop program, all Grades 3-6 students are issued MacBooks to use throughout the year. ST Math, an online resource that Gillispie is using to complement Everyday Math, will be implemented across multiple grade levels during the balance of the year.

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