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Posted on Sep 16, 2014

Gillispie “Gem” of the Week

san diego pre kindergarten

Last week, a toy candle fell behind the loft in the prekindergarten Room 4 classroom. Many children tried different strategies as they attempted to rescue the candle, but by Friday of last week, the candle was still stuck. ​ This week, the children worked together to design a plan for rescuing the candle. They had multiple group “problem solving” discussions where they suggested using either a fire truck or enlisting the help of the big kids (Gillispie elementary students). The children decided to create flags, notes, and signs to let the big kids know they needed help, and gave a presentation to their book buddies to fill them in on the details of Candle Rescue.

This was one of the first exciting projects of the school year for the prekindergarten students, and it allowed them to use critical thinking skills, logic, and reasoning while working on fine motor skills in written communication. It also helped create a collaborative classroom community where all students worked together to achieve a common goal.

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