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Posted on May 06, 2015

Gillispie Families Walked for a Cause


Earlier this month, some of our Gillispie families and staff participated in Project Concern International’s Walk for Water. It was a beautiful morning at Mission Bay Park as hundreds of walkers joined together to support the locally-based non-profit dedicated to preventing disease, improving community health, and promoting sustainable development.

To simulate that many families around the world must walk distances to obtain water, individuals, including our Gillispie students, carried buckets of water as they walked.

When asked why they felt the event was important a few responses included:

“It is important because millions of people in Africa have to walk six-nine miles to get water. It was fun because you could carry buckets of water on your head or in your hand. I liked doing it because you could feel what it was like to have to walk for water.”

– Grade 4 Student

“It is important because it was for people who had no water and had to walk miles to get it. Also because we could sort of understand what it would be like to have to do that.”

-Grade 2 Student

“It was awesome to carry the water!”

– Kindergarten Student

It was a wonderful way to bring our community together to serve an important cause!

Alison Fleming

Head of School
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