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Posted on Feb 10, 2012

Expert on Safety and Pro-Social Behaviors to Speak at Weekly K-6 Assemblies

Because schools exercise a co-parenting role each day, safety is always a top priority. With this in mind and based on parent input from fall coffees, The Gillispie School has arranged for a visit by Tracie Arlington of PlayItSafe. Next Wednesday, January 18, she’ll be speaking to students during the Grades K-2 and 3-6 assemblies. Ms. Arlington and her organization come highly recommended and with much experience working with children.

For K-2 students, the PlayItSafe team will present their “Stranger Awareness” assembly which, as the organization describes, is “designed to teach children through role-play the importance of awareness and setting appropriate boundaries. Students will learn to recognize inappropriate behavior and to trust their instincts when someone or something doesn’t feel right. Students learn the importance of reacting quickly, using their voices to attract attention, and that escaping a bad situation should be their #1 goal.” During the interactive assembly, PlayItSafe will involve students in role-playing scenarios in age-appropriate, entertaining ways.

For Grades 3-6, the PlayItSafe team will present the “Keep Your Power” bully-proofing assembly where “children will learn through role-play to recognize the different types of bullying behaviors: teasing, excluding, name calling, etc. Verbal self-defense, zero tolerance, and several “Power Protectors” will be discussed and demonstrated, along with what ‘normal conflict’ is. Students will also learn the importance of displaying confidence, remaining calm, reacting quickly, and using their voices to attract attention if necessary. [They also] will demonstrate how children can help each other when experiencing bullying.” Students will participate in role-playing to “demonstrate their ‘power protectors.’”

For more information, such as assembly overviews and guidance on reinforcing lessons at home, visit the PlayIt Safe website.

Alison Fleming
Head of School


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