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Early Childhood
Statement of Purpose

Young children are capable and natural learners, and our purpose as a school is to facilitate their social, academic, and creative development as they explore their world. We do so by:

Embracing an emergent curriculum. Teachers spend much time observing, questioning, and listening to the children, and frame many activities around their combined interests and knowledge.

Understanding that play is a critical part of learning in the life of a young child, and that it provides a wonderful medium by which children socialize and learn to take healthy risks. We aspire to have an accepting and loving environment that allows children to learn using their senses and whole bodies.

Recognizing that success in school and life requires the acquisition of basic skills and knowledge. Rather than rote memorization and drill, we offer experiences that will develop flexible rather than fixed mindsets in finding solutions, and encourage children to work through challenges.

We believe that children should enter elementary school with confidence about what they already know and can do, and excitement about what is to come.

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