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Posted on Jun 11, 2014

Congratulations to the Gillispie Class of 2014


From Bella O.’s, This I Believe graduation speech, as inspired by NPR, she speaks with conviction about her future:

In life, there are moments that scare us. Places we’re afraid to go. People who intimidate us. Maybe you’re afraid of the dark, or spiders, or small spaces. What controls your fears? What determines if you’re afraid of clowns vs. a shark? It’s that little voice in your head telling you that you will fail. Telling you that you can’t win a soccer game. It could even be telling you that you can’t draw, or it tells you you’re not good enough for anything.

I heard this voice a lot, but it wasn’t telling me I couldn’t win a water polo game or swim meet. It told me I could never be an author. It told me I wasn’t good enough to be published. You might laugh at me for being afraid of not being able to write a book, but what I really am afraid of is rejection. “No, your commas are misplaced.” “No, this is a horrible idea.” “No, you’re only twelve.” I will be an author no matter how many publishers and editors tell me I can’t write. Fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress. In overcoming our fears, we can move forward as stronger, wiser people. This I believe.

Congratulations to our Grade 6 graduates! We wish them all the best in their future educational journeys:

8 will be joining The Bishop’s School 3 will be joining The Francis Parker School 3 will be joining The La Jolla Country Day School 2 will be joining The Children’s School 1 will be joining Cal Coast Academy

Also, congratulations to Gillispie’s class of 2008 who are off to college in the fall:

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Claremont McKenna College Occidental College Princeton University Southern Methodist University University of Oregon University of Southern California Willamette University Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Congratulations again to all of our recent and past graduates.

Alison Fleming Head of School

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