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Posted on Oct 28, 2011

A Mind in the Making

October 27, 2011

Recently, I received an email from a parent who shared with me her daughter’s response to a writing prompt based on the novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull. As the assignment was described by the former Gillispie student, “We read Jonathan Livingston Seagull (classic) by Richard Bach. We are supposed to write a letter to ourselves about a fierce wondering we have and how it relates to JLS. So, I have attached my story onto this email to have you read it when you have time (Mom made me send it to you).”

Though I appreciated that this parent credited the School for helping her child on her way to becoming a writer who understands the importance of revisions, let it be known that none of us at Gillispie can take credit for the message that was uniquely this student’s. It’s a message that all budding authors and future leaders must keep in mind.

In her response, the young writer reminded herself, “Even though you may be a tiny speck on this earth, you have every right to stand up for what you believe in. Don’t feel like you have no say because you are so small. Do something about it. There is one way to make yourself be heard. It’s probably one of the most powerful parts in your body. It was put in everyone for a reason. And that, my friend, is your voice. Use it, and be remembered.”

Frankly, these are the moments that make me hopeful for our future and proud of our children. As we face our everyday challenges, may we all heed this young person’s advice to find our voice in taking a stand on what we believe.

Alison Fleming
Head of School

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