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Posted on Mar 15, 2011

Sustainability Education Makes for a Green Spring at Gillispie

March 10, 2011

A sustainable spring is sprouting up at The Gillispie School. Grade 1 students are gardening with science specialist Mrs. Kerr; multiple grades are vermicomposting (with their friends the worms) to create soil for schoolyard gardens; and Grade 6 is studying the depletion of global fisheries and strategizing how to better manage the commons. Regarding composting in particular, sustainability teacher Mr. Candra notes that the compost pile reached 120 degrees just before winter break. Just after break the pile had cooled markedly, signaling that it was time to use the compost in school gardens. Students sifted the compost to sort out large debris and loved finding worms and worm eggs that would ensure healthy soil for the fruit trees we are organically growning on campus: apples, oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, and pomegranates. Earlier this spring, elementary students worked with Mr. Morris, Gillispie’s Director of Educational Technology, to create a video featuring the trees on our campus. The video has been submitted to the Documen-Tree project, which reminds us that, “Historic Trees bring history alive by sharing America’s stories through the oldest living things in nature.” Please watch and vote for the Gillispie School video, “Gillispie’s Beautiful, Majestic Trees.” (Note: The voting is over, but click here to watch the video.) Alison Fleming Head of School
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